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Last night I went to the Brewers game with some students from the HS ministry. We had awesome seats and the crowd was OUTSTANDING! By the end of the game, the entire crowd was on their collective feet, clapping and cheering as the last batter was tagged out by the catcher. SO GOOD!!!

It was madness leaving the game, but it was fun madness with everyone honking their horns and cheering because our beloved Brewers are in first place (tied with some team from Chicago… hm).


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FK is gone for the next few days – Fri through Tues. I’m going to miss him.

I am tired and should nap. NO MORE COMPUTER!!!

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oh. my. goodness.

the one i really really wanted called. i’ve worked on this one for a long time, but was resigned that it wasn’t the one.

but now it’s back on the table.

and here is where we take a sudden right turn. or left. regardless… a change of course, possibly.

here. we. go.


I pray that whatever happens, it is according to God’s will.

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well, it’s official: Frank and I are going to move back to Chicago. I know the transition is going to be hard, but it will be worth it.

that’s all i have for now.

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it was quite a busy weekend. getting ready for a lot of changes.

here. we. go!

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