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Moving On…

The difficult and challenging part of moving to a new position in our company is first leaving the people you love working with behind and second, trying to figure out the new people.

I loved working with my team–good, bad and ugly. It was my first position out of college and I learned so much with them. This new team is a little freaky because no one has good things to say about my new boss. UGH. But I will survive.

More on this later. And God’s design for my life. Yeah.

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I am off of my client and moved to a new one… Which is why I don’t have time to post. I will later!


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God’s Design

So what is God’s design for my life? This is the big question lately. More on this later.

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Jessica Simpson

I have to tell you–I’m obsessed with her. I want to BE her. Is that sick? Wrong? Both???? Sometimes, when Frank and I are putzing around the apartment, I pretend that we are Nick and Jessica… 😉 “Oh, Frank, of course we need million dollar sheets!” Ha. ha. Sometimes I practice my dance moves for him, too.

Me: So this is the Funky Frog Hoppity Hop move I’m using in my song and dance Friday.

Frank: Um. Yeah.

Me: Hoppity Hoppity, jump froggy, jump!

Frank: You’re blocking the TV.

Me: Whatever! Don’t come crying to me when your solo album bombs!

Frank: Huh?

So yeah–the reason this comes up is because I was looking at Michelle B’s blogger and she had pics of Jessica and I was inspired.

There you have it, folks. I’m crazy.

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Frank is So Smart!!!

My husband is not only incredibly attractive, hilariously funny and amazingly suave–it turns out he’s a genius too! Last night he told me about a site called the DrudgeReport.com. This site features breaking news before it even gets to the networks! Holy cow! It’s fantastic!

For example, this morning they have an article on a White House memo that hasn’t even been released to the public yet!

Frank–you’re awesome. Everyone else–check out the website! CLICK HERE!

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Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me of why I sometimes love my job. I worked for an hour, then went to a meeting where they had pastries, fruit, juice and a raffle for prizes. I worked for another hour, then went to lunch with a magazine at a fancy restaurant for 2 hours. I worked another hour and then went to the Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea for the rest of the day and went home. I didn’t eat dinner, that’s for sure! How could you NOT love a job on a day like that?

Shout out to my peeps…

I gotta say “hey” to my cousin Meghan who reads my blog–What’s up girlfriend?? Ow ow!

Have a great weekend!

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This weekend shouldn’t be as action-packed as previous weekends. We’re going to a movie night at Dave & Andrea G’s house on Friday. I’m making my famous (infamous??) baked brie. Frank should be very happy–both of us could eat half a brie wheel each. Ugh. Bad for the waistline.

Saturday I have ground school. I am a terrible future pilot, I have to admit–I hope I pass!!! After that, we are driving to lovely Champaign-Urbana to see Entertainment Night at Frank’s old college church. This year I don’t think Frank has plans to perform (thank goodness), so it should be a laid-back night full of laughs. 🙂

I’m not sure what we’re doing Sunday, but church is definitely included.


That’s it, I think.

Things at work are better, I’ve calmed down a lot, which is good. I wouldn’t have made it through that time without God and Frank (I know some of you get confused–they are not one in the same 😉 ) and my family and friends. So yeah. As I find more quotes that I want to post, I’ll throw them up on this board.


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