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Change is in the air…

With the new season here, I decided it would be good to relocate my blog.  While I loved Franksbeans, it was not my favorite or first choice name.  I am happy to introduce you to the new me – EmmyKay.wordpress.com.  Same crazy lady, new URL.

Plus, I have some exciting news that I will be sharing early next week.  Stay tuned…

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lazy blogger

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately.

I really want to write about lots of interesting things – I really do.  I even think about things to blog about – as I’m falling asleep.

But then I fall asleep.

It’s what I do.

Especially since the weather has cooled off and it’s perfect sleep-with-the-windows-open weather.

Note to self: make sure to prop all of the doors open so that they don’t slam shut in the middle of the night, causing me to completely hyperventilate and Frank to wonder if the neighbors are shooting each other up.

Oh, and have I mentioned my love affair with the mini blizzard?

Love it.

I’m done now.

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When we drive up to Frank’s family’s house near the Wisconsin border, we pass through a lot of small towns.  Lately, because of Frank’s schedules, we have been traveling up north separately, which means that I spend more time watching the road than taking in the surrounding landscape.

Our ride up north is actually pretty scenic.  Many of the towns feel like vacation towns because they are so close to the Chain of Lakes.  Some of the buildings on the road feel very temporary – like the people who built them 30 or 40 years ago just weren’t sure how long they’d be around.  But with continual sprawl of Chicago, the towns stay full almost year-round and the temporary-feeling “strip malls” with bait shops and bakeries serve a mostly permanent population.

I was thinking that as I am someone who perpetually “passes through” these towns on my way to somewhere else, I often miss the charm of these buildings and streets.  I feel almost annoyed at the stop lights and stop signs along the way, forgetting that my highway north is someone else’s main street.

Today I imagined what it must be like to wake up in a quiet little town along some of the busiest lakes in the area.  I wondered what it is like to go to school in one of these towns, imagining that some of the students were itching to leave while others envisioned a future where they raised children that would one day attend the same schools and churches.  And I thought that perhaps some of the kids riding their bikes up to the local convenience store/gas station probably looked at our cars weaving through their familiar streets and thought to themselves, “I wonder where they are going in such a hurry?”

In some ways, we are all like our own towns.  Some of us are very metropolitan, with lots of people coming and going, fluid and dynamic.  Some of us are suburban with more family-oriented interests.  And some of us are like these sweet sleepy towns, enjoying where we are and our tight circle of close friends and family. And I don’t think there is a right kind of town to be – sometimes in my life I’ve been more urban and other times I’ve been more small town.  Today’s reflection reminded me to take time and enjoy where I am, even if I’m just passing through.

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commercial break

an oldie, but a goodie.

About 5 1/2 years ago, a war raged on my blog.

A war that almost left our small family of two divided.

It all started with my observations on my life being married to Frank. True, factual observations.

But Frank couldn’t take it, so he fired back. It was all lies.  Vicious, vicious lies.

I’m so glad that we’ve moved past those kind of blog hijacking antics and have become mature, grown-up adults.

… one of whom blogs about a stuffed dog who “lives” on our bed.

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Today I turn 29.

Time is a fluid thing.  It stretches and it contracts, seeming to sometimes be long and to sometimes be short.

I feel alternately as though I am old and I am young and I am somewhere in between.

It’s a weird, squishy place to be.

I wonder about the things that I will learn in the next decade of my life.

I wonder if 39 will feel more solid, more concrete, more definite.

I wonder if I will be able to become the person that God means for me to be.

I wonder if I will be more in control of myself and comfortable with the reality of my limited control over everything else.

Birthdays mark the passage of time.  They remind me to take inventory of the year that has been and to look forward to the year that will be.

28 was not awesome, but it was pretty stinking good (all things considered).

I have high hopes for 29.

Here. we. go!

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