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Happy Thursday!

Today Frank and I sign the lease on our apartment–how exciting! We were able to get an awesome deal on a 2 bedroom first floor apartment in Naperville. The building is close to the train for me and to the airport for FK. Friday FK and my brother, Andy R, are going to move all of our stuff into the apartment and then I will organize and clean after work. Then I will set FK up with an air mattress and go home. Then Saturday morning, bright and early, we will get our brand new king size super squishy bed–yippy! Both of us loved the bed and I am sure that FK will be happy to sleep on something better than a hide-a-bed. (sp?) Of course, he can’t get too comfy taking over the entire bed… In a month and a half he’s going to have to MOVE OVER!

This wedding thing is a little stressful. We have so much stuff left to do and so little time–but we will make it! I have a million to-do lists cruising through my poor brain–eek!

Only 50 days to go!

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Blah Tuesday

Today was a blah day. Icky icky. I had some discreps at work (no my fault) that threw off the entire day. And I’m just in a “mood.” Good times.

I hope everyone else had better days! 52 days to go!!

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This weekend was quite busy!

Friday: Went to visit with the wedding coordinator at the church. She had some great ideas that I hope to use for our wedding. We went through the lay-out of the church and hung out in the bridal room. That made me very excited about the wedding! Then I drove to DeKalb to see my friend Katy S who I love very dearly. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and talked about everything we could think of. Then I drove back to Naperville to see the apartment, get a copy of our lease and make sure everything was in order for move-in. The apartment is a good size–2 bedrooms and it has a laundry room too! I made Frank dinner and then we went out with The Grelck’s. Good times. They have a nice apartment and a lovely dog named Giles who is getting neutered today–poor doggy!!

Saturday: Mom and I went down to Naperville and saw my sample bouquet!!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! They are deep purple cala lillies and they are sooo dramatic! I love them! Frank loved them too–which is always good. After that I went home and helped around the house, ran some errands and went up to Antioch for Frank’s nephew’s birthday. Luke turned 1 on the 25th and we all celebrated together. He was adorable when he was eating his cake. First he tentatively scooped some up, watching his mom to see if she would tell him “no.” When he realized that it was a free-for-all, he went nuts, plastering cake in part of his hair and getting all sugared up! After dinner, I met up with Frank (he worked Sat) and we saw Pirates of the Caribean. That was okay–funny in some parts, but the violence was a touch much in others.

Sunday: SHOWER DAY! What fun!! We ate good food, played a few games and opened presents. Frank was such a good sport 🙂 Afterwards, we were both tuckered out. I was moving some boxes around and he went to lie down for a minute. When I went to check on him, he was out cold. The spot on the bed next to him looked comfy, so I hopped in. Next thing I knew–it was an hour later!!

Anyway, today, Monday, I am back at work. Sigh. Only 53 days to the wedding!!!!!

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Well, this weekend was mostly productive. We have a lot left to do before the wedding, though! Crazy times!! Frank is moving into the apartment August 1st and we still have to get the bed. I have the bed on the brain–I repeat it to him frequently like if I stop telling him we need a bed I might forget!

Our first shower is on Sunday. My MOH (also my sister) is throwing it. I think it will be a blast–yeehaw!

60 days to the wedding! And so much to do!!

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Monday: Worked until 4:30 when my boss said, “Let’s go home!”–so we did. Had dinner with Andrea G–very good times. Had Jimmy Johns and talked about all things wedding, apartment and family related.

Tuesday: Came home at 7:30 and realized a couple of things. First, I gave my Future Mother-in-Law the wrong date for the bridal shower. I am a bad, bad Future Daughter-in-Law. Frank surprised me with a quick visit, which was fabulous. Actually, Frank is such a stud. Our leasing agent was going to put us in a one bedroom with a den on the 3rd floor without an elevator in the dog building. After Frank was done with him, we were in a two bedroom on the ground floor NOT in the dog building. YIPPY! FRANK ROCKS!!!!

Wednesday: Today we are going to meet with our pastor and go over a premarital test we took. It will identify our strengths and weaknesses, etc. And then that will help us work through differences and understand eachother. We are also going to go over our ceremony. YAY!

Thursday: We are meeting with our wedding captains at the reception hall. I have a great idea for a surprise for Frank–shhhh! it’s a secret!!!

Friday: Lounging at the lake ALL day with Erin B and her fiance, John D. I can’t wait!

Only 65 days to the wedding!

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Wedding Updates:

Officially received our first RSVP! Andrea and Dave G gave me theirs last night! Yippy! When I tally up my family and FK’s family and the wedding party and the people I know for sure are coming, we already have 58–yeehaw!

Only 66 days to go–I can’t wait!

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Wedding Updates:

Busy weekend! Mom, Cait and I finished up all the wedding invitations and sent those out. Mom got the last of them stamped last night–yippy! So now we just get to wait for reply cards, YAY!!!!

FK and I found our wedding bands. Mine is white gold with a thin band of diamonds. My big diamond has little diamond friends!!! FK’s is also white gold, but it’s a larger, more manly ring, and it has a subtle braid going through the center with a bevelled edge (sorta). They are beautiful rings. EEEK!

I also found our bedspread at Linens ‘n Things. I love it–it is red with a gold/green embroidered pattern on it. We are going to go back and get the rest soon.

Only 67 days to go!!

Other Updates:

In sadder news, George was injured today when he tried to take on my brother’s suburban. He lost a tail light and bent his bumper. The suburban’s chrome lining around the wheel well was pulled off. Both cars are will hopefully recover from their injuries in the next couple of weeks. Although, I can’t lie to you… George’s ego is hurt and I think he’s ready for another show down…

Down boy, down…

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