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Mark your calendars–Frank and I are gettin’ hitched on Friday, September 19, 2003! Both of us are quite excited and know that there is a lot that needs to be done between now and this fall. So we have the church, the reception hall and my dress. We have appointments with a florist and a photographer. When Caitlin comes home, we will look for bridesmaids’ dresses.

The Line Up:

And now, your official R-K Wedding Line Up (on the bride’s side):

Maid of Honor – Caitlin R (sister of the bride)

Bridesmaids – Karen K (sister of the groom), Kathryn V (sister of the groom)

Jr. Bridesmaid of Honor – Sarah R (sister of the bride)

Frank still needs to ask his best man and the other groomsman, but he has already asked Andy R (my brother).

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Weekend Updates!

Saturday I found THE dress. As in MY wedding gown!! I am sooo thrilled! We went to Volle’s Bridal in Lake Zurich and I tried on a couple dozen dresses. I put THE dress on and immediately felt like a princess! I’m so excited!

It’s weird how the reality of marriage comes on in spurts. When I picked out the dress, it became even more real for me. And then this weekend someone gave Frank and I coasters for our apartment with the letter K on them. In a few short months, I will have a new last name–how crazy is that!?

We also had our engagement party. I met a lot of Frank’s family and his parent’s friends. More than a few little old ladies called him “Franky”–and each time it was followed by, “Only Mrs. So-and-so can call him Franky.” Very cute!

Other than that, I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I had coffee (well, I don’t drink coffee so I had hot cocoa) with a girl from my small group on Saturday.

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Someone got totally busted on the train today. After my stop, the conductor got on the loud speaker and said, “To the lady that sauntered slowly infront of the train when the lights were flashing and the gates were down, that was a foolish thing to do. Never do that again. Thank you.” For some reason this makes me feel like I am 10 years old on the bus to school.

Other than that…

Today has been pretty okay at work today. Not too much is going on. Last night I hung out with Kim and then I came home and Frank and I discussed wedding stuff with my mom. Then we watched TV. Then we watched more TV. Then Frank mercilessly tickled me until I said, in the best stern voice I have, “My patience is wearing thin.” So then he hid at the bottom of the bed with only his eyes peaking up over the edge. He looked so cute and innocent I couldn’t help but giggle and forgive him.

Tonight I am going to play with Katy S. Katy is a babelicious babe and we are going to Olive Garden where I am going to eat some salad and soup. YUM! Katy and I are going to take over the world with our orange hand and zee pink lemonade!


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Okay, so now the date is back up in the air again. The place we went to last night had a cancellation that “uncanceled”, meaning we have to pick another date. The second date we picked, the church was booked. So now we have to figure out a way to do this… crazy! 🙂 All we want to do is get married! Is that so hard to do?? I’m sure we will find something that matches the church (which we love) with a reception hall that we also love. I just hope we find it sooner rather than later!


In response to our fast-paced wedding plans, someone asked me, “Don’t you want to have an elegant wedding? Don’t you want it done right?” And I was thinking more about that today. I think that everyone has their own pace and idea of what “done right” is. Frank and I take marriage very seriously, which is why we decided to meet with a pastor before we even got engaged so that we could make sure we were on a good track. We still meet with him to bounce ideas around and think things through and have found it to be very effective. What became clear early on is that we love eachother and that won’t change. Waiting one year or two years isn’t going to alter these feelings. We are eager to get started on this life together and so we feel that there is no need to wait any longer than necessary.

I know we have many details left to get through, but I certainly hope we don’t get tangled up in them. Who remembers the ice sculpture or the Hors D’Oeuvres? I know that I will remember everything about the ceremony and the rest will just fly by. Elegance is a quality of refined gracefulness and good taste. Regardless of budget or of timing, a wedding can be done in good taste if that is one’s intention. Elegance is not sheer numbers of guests, the name of your gown designer or size of your sweet table. Elegance is entirely determined by the couple.

So that is my response to that question. Of course I want to have an elegant and lovely wedding. But that lasts one day. It is far more important to me that Frank and I have a marriage that is strong, resilient and faithful. Everything else is just the details.

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Scary Guy

There was a guy on the train last night who was definitely mad at the world. He got into it with two girls and said something vulgur and was kicked off the train. Hm. That story wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.


I’m getting my hair cut and highlighted tonight. Frank is scared that I will chop it off. Shhh… don’t tell him I’m thinking about it… 🙂

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Wedding Update!!

So I think we MIGHT be getting married August 31, 2003 (Sunday of Labor Day Weekend). YAY! A reception site called back with that date (someone is backing out of the date) and it matches the Church. Crazy!!!

There are 8 million things that need to get done yesterday, but we will make it! I will write more later!!!

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Applications to get married…

Frank and I started filling out our application to get married in the church–then got bored and decided to snuggle on the couch. This does not bode well for our upcoming wedding!!

Pretty Dress!!

I’m very excited because I made an appointment to look at dresses with my mom, Frank’s mom and my aunt. YAY! I feel like having just a few strategic opinions will make this easier for everyone involved. Plus, I am a sucky dress shopper. I don’t want to inflict pain on any more people than necessary. We are going to a bridal shop called Volle in Lake Zurich. I will let you know if I recommend it at all.

School’s out EARLY!

I should be getting out of work at 2 or 3 today! YAY!

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