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For the longest time I have been asking for an extra hour in the day. It seems that God heard my prayer and is working on it.

The amount of time it takes for the earth to revolve around it’s axis is taking longer and longer. This is due to the gravitational pull of the moon slowing us down ever so slightly. Today at 7pm EST time, scientists will add one more second to our day. it will look like this… 6:59:59 … 6:59:60… 7:00:00 ONE MORE SECOND – what am I going to do with all this time? According to the Chicago Tribune here is how you can observe this phenomenon:

But for those wishing to witness the event, the process is relatively simple and requires a stop watch and a common cell phone with a time display.

At the precise moment the display reads 6:59 p.m. (EST), start the stopwatch. When the display changes to 7:00, stop the watch. It should read 61 seconds.

There. Your extra second will have been spent.

So according to this, I should get an extra hour added to my day in a few million years. Hoorah!

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bedazzle this…

no, i will NOT buy your silly bedazzler.

although, who knows what the bedazzler could do for me. this woman made $2,000 in 2 weeks using her bedazzler. she didn’t say how she used it to make that money. my guess is she killed people with it.

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…. horse sex?? c’mon people.

… oh behave! Pilot dumps passenger in desert island…

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daytime tv stinks

i am tired and want to nap, but find myself deeply disturbed by how much daytime tv stinks. and therefore i am compelled to write about it. however, i’m feeling really lazy and don’t feel like putting anything in caps.

first of all, soaps – what is that crap? i can’t even devote more thought to finding words to put around my thoughts on daytime tv, but so help me… if i ever start watchiing this stuff, take it away.

daytime tv stinks except…

hgtv. i’m addicted. i learn so much and it helps me figure out my personal sense of style. sort of.

what’s the deal with gas???

in wisconsin, i saw one gas station at $2.189 and just across the street it was $2.449. You’d think the guy across the street would say “wow, $2.449 really isn’t competitive today.” but now, he did not do that. even worse – there were people buying their gas there. can someone tell me if the 10% ethanol had something to do with it?

also, another thought occurred to me – why don’t they just say $2.45 and $2.19?? we all know that $2.449 is basically $2.45, so just pocket the $.001 and call it a day.

… that’s it for now…

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This is our house from the outside…

This is looking from the front of the family room through the wall (hello, Superman!) into the breakfast nook and out the sliding doors into our backyard.

This is one of the bedrooms in the front of the house – this will be our office.

A different angle of the breakfast nook looking into the kitchen.

Apparently you get the bath tub before drywall.

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Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas!

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Well, it’s Christmas Eve and Frank and I are watching The Chritmas Story Marathon before heading back to church for the second Christmas service. Tonight Frank is narrating the story of Christ’s birth along with 4 other people at church. What’s hilarious about this is that Frank thought he was just reading, but it turned out that he is singing as well. With a microphone. And the mic is on. And I find him to be all the more attractive for it. Ow ow. Work it, baby.

Just a few lines that I love from the Christmas Story:

“Only one thing could pry me away from the soft glow of electric sex in the window (approx quote).”

“My father wove a tapestry of obscenities that to this day still hangs over Lake Michigan.”

“You look like a pink nightmare – are you happy in that?”

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