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Hot Rolls

I got this in my inbox & it made me chuckle:


Please DO NOT USE the Icebox Rolls recipe. Combining the water and shortening as described in the recipe may cause the mixture to ignite, is extremely dangerous, and could result in fire and safety hazards. The correct recipe is currently available on our website, southernliving.com. It will also be reprinted in the May issue of Southern Living. If you have any questions, please call 1-888-836-9327.

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Home again!

Well, we’re back in Chicago, but the weather is at least warm (though wet) and I can’t complain about that! We spent a long weekend in San Francisco, seeing as much as we could with Frank’s parents. They are AWESOME tour guides. It’s as though they have lived there all this time! Dr. K even knew the birthday of Joe The Shoe Shine Guy–how crazy is that??!

San Fran is gorgeous and interesting–modern and vintage at the same time. The cable cars that go up and down the hills are from all over the country–some from Chicago even! Whatever everyone else has cast off as old, they make new and unique again. How fun is that??? And the shops are just interesting and the people watching is fantastic! They have beautiful flower markets and intriguing peace protests and lovely sunny weather. San Francisco is quite the treat!

Here I am, though, back in Chicago. HURRAH! 🙂

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Job Confusion….

Job Confusion….

So yeah, after all of this back and forth, some of you must be wondering where the heck I stand on my job situation. Do I like it? Do I hate it?

You know what? I don’t know. I think I like it … but then again… There are things I love, things I hate. Right now, I’m hating the hours.

Most Romantic-ist Husband Ever.

Frank has driven down to Chicago to pick me up from work twice this week, done all the grocery shopping, taken care of the taxes and is battling the NPD over a parking ticket I got at the train station after I couldn’t get the bills to go in the slot. It was quite dramatic–the machine wouldn’t even suck my dollar in to read it and then spit it out. As I was trying to jam money and bills in the machine, my train pulled up. I decided not to stick around and miss my train, so I ran down the tunnel, up the stairs on the other side and BARELY made my train. So anyway, got a $15 ticket. Blast it.

So anyway, Frank has been taking care of both of our lives for the past week and today he is cleaning the house and doing laundry. Do husbands REALLY come any better than this??? I doubt not! He always asks what he can do and doesn’t complain or whine. It’s fantastic!! He is just the super-duperist guy ever! 😀

Yay for good guys!

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And After ALL of this…

So a girl just walked by from a team down the hall from me. She was walking with her boss & he said that they should go to a stairwell and sit down for a bit.

Now, this is not a romantic tryst. This was because the entire team just got yelled at (my own boss told me that was going on) and I think she was taking it pretty hard.

Here is the thing–she was here this weekend, busting her butt for this company, trying to get things done. She told their director she was understaffed and got no help. So after all of that on minimal pay–she is crying at work after 5pm on a Tuesday.

Does anyone else see anything wrong wtih this picture????

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Up and Down, Up and Down

If life is an amusement park and we are all rides–I am a rollercoaster. Up and down. Up and Down. But not in a boring circle like carosels. No, no. Never the same track twice.

Of course, if you think about the logistics of creating a never-ending rollercoaster, you will wear yourself out. Which would give you and me something in common.

As previously mentioned on this blogger, I have been working insane hours. I like what I do, I find it very interesting. The thought of doing something else that is just a boring 9-5 go-nowhere kind of job actually makes me want to cry. But in order to have an interesting, intriguing career–it seems I need to forego a social life and only make friends with the people on the otherside of my rather thin cube wall.

I sure hope not. I’m pretty cool with the “work hard/play hard” thing. At first, I was not too keen on staying late and working weekends. But after several months of “boot camp,” I suddenly find myself asking the question, “Well, what would I do if I was home anyway?”

That is really the first part of the process of becoming fully submerged in the corporate culture here. The next part of the process can include (but not in all cases) wild, crazy mood swings, sleep deprivation and mild client-agency abuse that results in a wacky personality. This wacky personality wants to be “cool” and “hip” and everyone’s friend, but is torn because it likes numbers, statistics and needs to be a *itch to survive. You have to put up walls, monitor what you say and assume that everyone is holding back their “best offer.” You become isolated, paranoid and an all-consumed hunter of said “best offer.” You take anyone and everyone down a twisted road of negotiations until you’re not even sure what it is you really wanted and what a good deal is.

Occasionally I have found really great directors here–I have one now. I hope to be more like her. But every day I stay on this account and do the same thing I have done for the past year and a half, the more apt I am to become a product of my client and my previous directors. I don’t think that I need to have these walls and personality disorders to succeed here–but there is so much craziness and ickiness in this environment, it’s nearly unavoidable.

Maybe it’s possible to become the hippest, coolest number crunchin’, math lovin’ fool there is without developing a bizarre twitch and permanent personality problems.

But right now I am babbling and I will stop now.


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work still

I don’t feel like I left work this weekend.

All I gotta say is that thank God we are going out of town this weekend because I think I would lose it if I was still here.

I am sooooo stressed. BUT! I will make it.

Hurrah. Thank goodness for Frank. 🙂

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Here I am–At work… Just thought I’d share.

I was here yesterday, too.

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