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new yp.

The new Youth Pastor candidate is in town this weekend. He’s a native Chicagoan with a thick Chicago accent to back it up (woot woot!). He spoke last night at Church and he will be doing a question and answer session this afternoon, have dinner with our student leadership team and hang with our small groups tonight. I’m worn out thinking about his schedule!

Please be praying that God will show us and him if he is the right fit for the church or not. And if he is the right fit – I hope he starts ASAP!!! 🙂 Frank and I are both ready to be regular leaders, hanging with the kids.

Ok, now I have to run to church to run the adult leaders meeting (poor Frank got called in to work yesterday).

Rock and Roll. I feel a little better today, just in case anyone was wondering.

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Last night was the h.s. all nighter with our youth ministry. It went really well – over 35 students showed up, mostly new students. Huge praise to God!! It was a nice time to just hang out playing games (Wii, Dodge Ball, DDR, etc) and watching a movie (Cars). The down side is that I was already sick with the aches and weakness… and staying up from 10 p through 7a was not awesome. I slept from 7a – 11:30a, got up and made Frank some breakfast before he went to work (poor guy is battling the same thing I am) and drove him to the airport. I am now totally exhausted and ready to go back to sleep!! YIKES. Hopefully I’ll get enough sleep today and tomorrow and feel better by Monday.


In other news, Frank and I are heading down to see my dad’s side of the fam for St. Patrick’s Day. My grandma’s maiden name is Sulliven, so St. Patrick’s day is a big deal for that side of the fam. Instead of just having a large table for lunch, we are actually renting a banquet room to fit all of the extended family coming into town for the event.

We are also headed down to Nashville at the end of the month – I can’t wait!! Woohoo! Hopefully my next trip will be out to LA. It has been far too long since I chilled with Kate, Gen, Sean and Caitlin.

Over & Out.

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