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…any time soon.

Well, we went up to Minneapolis to visit my favorite Uncle Ron and favorite Aunt Julie. We left Milwaukee on Friday night and arrived just before midnight in Minneapolis. Saturday we went to the Mall of America. It was an emotional and spiritual journey for me to the mothership. I must no reconsider my mall rankings. My top 5 malls are now:

1. Mall of America (no surprises, right?)

2. Woodfield

3. Deer Park

4. Oak Brook

5. Southtown

Now, I made this list without having visited the much talked about Mayfair mall in Northwestern Milwaukee. I heard that is the Wisconsin mall to be reckoned with. I may have to visit this week….

Anyway, back to our trip. We went to dinner at this great restaurant on Long Lake. We ate walleye and enjoyed a fantastic view. Aunt Julie & Uncle Ron are great and we had a great time chatting with them.

After that, we went up to my cousin’s house to see his family. Which is why frank and I are delaying starting our own family. While his children are cute, we were so happy & relieved to be going home to a clean, child-free apartment. We were EXHAUSTED after spending time with these kids. I don’ tknow how people do it!!

Anyway, I’m watching Oprah now after having the day off. mmm… Fabulous day!

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The BIG Fight…

So yeah, Frank, Caitlin (my sister) and I are apparently in a fight. Except it’s not really a fight, she’s just being funny. She called to tell us about some dude she met named Chad. Oooh, Chhhhhad, does he dangle? Anyway, so Cait is very cute and she met this guy and so Frank and I felt that we shouldn’t get too excited, but this guy does sound nice. I think.

Cait is alos a little upset because I have not mentioned her nearly enough on my blog. So here we go, let me tell you about my sister Cait.

Caitlin is way cool and hot. She was my maid of honor (co – my other sister, Sarah was my Jr. Maid of Honor) and did an EXCELLENT job. I am so lucky that she is my sister because not only is she way cool and hot, but she is also extremely funny (sometimes I laugh so hard I can’t breathe) and so wise.

So yeah, I’m done now. THe bachelor is on. I LOVE YOU CAITLIN!

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I’m Lovin’ It

Saturday, October 16, Dorothy & Erik were married at 3pm at St. Zachery’s church. Then we partied hardy at Beau Jolie!


The ceremony & reception were beautiful. It took 2 yrs, but they are finally married. HOORAH!

I gotta go snuggle with my own dear darling. See ya!

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Milwaukee Loves Us…

Well, just to recount what has happened here in Milwaukee since Frank & I moved here:

1. Bomb threat at the Milwaukee Federal Building – suspect is arrested and held without bail.

2. Brewers sold.

3. 2 power lines are tampered with and subsequently collapse onto the Amtrak lines that go to Chicago. The collapsed power lines cut off power to the airport where all security equipment is shut down and huge lines form as each individual is hand searched. Turns out someone took out a few necessary bolts from the base of the towers.

4. The Packers are now 1 – 4, their worst start to a season since 1991. I was only 11 then. Hm.

Maybe we left Chicago in time for the Bears to have a decent season… I need to check out their stats… Hmm, just checked out the Bears stats. Guess the good news is that they aren’t doing a whole lot better than the Packers. That somehow makes me feel better. Phew.

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So Frank and I now have DSL at our apartment and my computer has a wireless connection so now I am totally mobile! yeehaw! I’m one happy girlie!

In other news, for the first time in the history of our marriage, Frank and I are having a lazy Saturday. We have just been sort of doing things here and there around the house. Frank has been playing his computer game and I have been going through recipe books looking for recipes for a baby shower I’m hosting for Frank’s sister, Kathryn.


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… you don’t read the jokes on the laffy taffy wrappers. And you’re even older when you DO read them and then shake your head disdainfully.

Here I am, nearly 8pm on a Tuesday night. My husband, bless his soul, is out at the Safehouse in Milwaukee while I am still at work. And I will probably be here for another hour or so. At least.

The good news is: I like my job and I like the people and I am not overtired (yet) as I would have been if I was still in Chicago with my loooong commute.

The bad news is: they have a candy jar here and I LOVE it. UGH! There is even an upscale candy station on the 5th floor with DOUBLE STUFF OREO COOKIES! I NEED to find my self-control! I have none! eeeeek!!!

Otherwise, life in Milwaukee is fantastic. I get to see my husband (for now, at least), we live in a very cute apartment and my job is interesting and rewarding. At least for working these hours, my director is going to try to get me a few more days off this year. YEEHAW!

So, the net-net is, Life is Good.

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