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Very Brief Update

Well, in the past week or so, a few things happened. I turned 24 on Tuesday. For my birthday, Frank gave me gorgeous diamond earrings and we had a lovely cocktail at the top of the Pfister in a bar called Blu. After our sophisticated evening out, we went to Target and picked up a copy of Shrek2 and watched it. Perfection! I love that movie!

We also had our first Bible study group meeting last Monday (out of order, I know) and that was great. I’m really excited about the people we met and the relationships we are forming with them.

Okay, I would write more, but Frank is watching the Passion and it’s hard to write in my blogger with the violence going on.

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Well, just to get everyone up to speed on what has been going on, I’ll do a sort of chronological/categorical update.

First of all, Oct 31, Dor, Jamie, & Craig came up for brunch, which was great because it was so fun to have visitors. Then, Bush was re-elected (ugh) and after that, hm. I can’t remember what was next. But anyway, we found a new church which is really the big thing that has happened of late.

Sunday the 7th, we went to Harvest for the first time and we just knew that we loved it. Right away, people reached out to us. We went to a newcomers dessert and immediately following the dessert, several people called us to get in touch for a couples ministry. Yesterday, we went to the 5:30pm service and met several people. Tim & Jennifer asked us over for dessert, but since we hadn’t even had dinner yet, we chose to go out with Tim & Vicky, who asked us out to dinner. Never in my entire church-going experience, have I been in an environment where everyone was so friendly and inviting. We had dinner with Tim & Vicky, who were just pleasant and funny. It was such a nice time!!

Today, we went to a Packer’s party at Jeff & Amy’s house and we met a whole bunch of great people and joined a couples small group, which is going to be awesome. Frank and I have never been involved in a Bible study together, and I think this is going to have a tremendously positive impact on our relationship and our own spiritual lives. I think that prayer has been an element of our relationship, but I think that we are entering a time in our relationship and our relationship with God where God will be the center of our lives – as He should be. I think that’s going to just be a huge change and improvement. It will not only give us a better center, but also help us reflect more on important decisions and help us listen better to what God wants for us.

I don’t think that I can quite relate exactly how important this is to us, but hopefully it will be evident in my journalling as we become more involved and really seek out God in our lives on a more regular basis.

Huge. That’s what I have for you. Huge.

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I voted!

Did you?

Frank and I made our way down to the Milwaukee Library to vote. We stood in line for 30 minutes (just a little chilly).

So yeah, that’s about it. I’m watching the election coverage – it’s so exciting!

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