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To Bang or Not To Bang…

…that is the question!

Friday I am getting my hair cut and I am considering putting bangs in. Why this sudden change, you may ask? Because my hair needs a new style–that’s why!

Also, because everyone else is doing it and THEY look so cute–so why not me?

Email me with your thoughts on the bang situation: Tallgrl98@aol.com .

Chirp, Chirp, Squish, Squish

No, that is not the sound of me stomping no a little birdie. That is the sound of my squeaky bag making a chirping sound as I walk, followed by the sound of my shoes on the squishy snow.

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What a weekend!

Well, this weekend Craig and Jamie got married–hurrah! Frank was a groomsman and I was a reader, so we were both at the rehearsal dinner and then, of course, the wedding.

Okay, first things first: it was a beautiful wedding! Jamie looked just like a snow princess! Craig didn’t look nervous, but according to the Father of the Bride, his hands were cold and clammy–how cute!!!

As I was watching the ceremony (and alternately checking out my husband–ow ow!), it occurred to me how things have really changed since high school. I mean, one would hope things *would* change between high school and now. But it was like stepping back and looking at my life like it was a still life painting and I was watching myself in high school and college and now. It was amazing to see how everyone changed, but still remained friends. And how some of the friendships deepened, some of the grew apart and how we all remained friends in the end. It was very cool to see.

So here we are, Craig and Jamie M are now happily married!! Way to go, guys!!!

Another one bites the dust. 😀

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Jane: I read what you had to say about John–very jealous. I saw that he was making that trip and he isn’t stopping in Chicago. After all I have done for him and his career… ::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::

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First of all, appropriate kudos (like the candy bar) to Jane P for finally updating her journal. It was 2 months in the making, but all in all a fantastic recap of the adventures she has been on in Australia and all over this lovely planet. Jane, I didn’t know you were born in the land down under–this is news to me! Wow–a real live Aussie and I didn’t even know it!!

On to other things. As Jamie mentioned in her blogger, this weekend was her bachelorette party–rock! It was a very good time indeed! Frank says that he had a great time at the corresponding bachelor party. This made it at least a little bit easier to get out of bed on Sunday and drag our sorry butts to church the next morning.

Since we had the bachelorette & bachelor parties–a wedding is not far behind! Jamie and Craig will be married this Saturday, January 24th, 2004. Hurrah! After their wedding all of the appropriate festivities will follow, ending, we hope, in a night of passion for someone, somewhere.

These past two weeks have been very trying at work, but I will surivive.


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Good grief.

Do I really really want this job??? Is it worth it??

Some days, I just don’t know.

Happy Monday.

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It’s a quickie!

Well, due to a very needy client, this is my short, quick, Happy Thursday!

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Happy New Year!

…. and Happy Birthday Papa! As my dad said in an email to me, “A special prayer goes up for Papa on his 79th birthday on Earth and his first birthday in heaven.”

Well, not too much has been going on this week. Just working hard and trying to get through the first full week I have worked in nearly 2 months. I think I sneaked a full week of work in during a week in December, but I’m not certain. Anyway, it’s Wednesday and it’s kinda rough.

Last night Frank and I booked tickets for a trip to San Francisco in March. We are just crazy travelers!!! I think after that trip, all will be quiet on the traveling front until June when we go to Florida for Garrick and Jill’s wedding. Hurrah for them!!!

Okay, I have to go. Work calls!

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