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meet rosie, al and luis

Rosie, Al & Luis: The Family-To-Be!

My dear friend Rosie is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She has been my companion on this unfortunate road of fertility treatments.  Her husband, Al, is one of the most dedicated husbands I’ve ever met – it is his delight to just be with his wife.  They are a couple that we simply marvel at and are encouraged by.

In their quest to become more than a family of two, they’ve suffered the loss of two babies, Katie and Daniel, in the second trimester of Rosie’s pregnancies. With other on-going fertility challenges, Rosie and Al had been considering fostering children. It has been their hearts desire to have a family and God answered their prayers!

Al’s older sister had abandoned two of her children with Al’s mother.  Struggling to find the energy to raise her grandchildren, Al’s mother asked Rosie and Al if they would be able to take the youngest, Luis.  Sweet Luis has not had an idyllic life: his mother tested positive for cocaine when Luis was born and he was even an innocent participant in a drug raid. Being shuffled between homes and parent-figures has taken a toll on the little guy.

After thinking and praying about this, Rosie and Al consulted a lawyer and determined that they would raise Luis and adopt him!  Luis is a vibrant, sweet little 3 year old guy and I truly believe that his life will be infinitely better because of Rosie and Al’s love.  It will be quite a beautiful family!

So here is my shameless plug: in order to get legal guardianship of Luis, they have to run ads in the newspapers and pay for a lawyer.  The cost is $1,500 and they are very humbly asking for assitance in achieving this goal so that they can provide Luis with a permanent, loving home.  If you are interested in helping out, please visit their blog. At the very least, they would greatly appreciate your prayers and thoughts.  THANK YOU!


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I read a book called Lamb over the weekend.  The author, Christopher Moore, put together a hilarious take on Christ’s life as told by Christ’s best friend, Biff.  It was gritty and colorful (both in its telling and in its language – read: lots of swearing and sexual situations).

I loved that the story was gritty because I believe that life is gritty and raw.  I believe that more often than not, life is messy.  Life is change and evolution and growth and development and loss and loosely controlled chaos.

We are all on the verge of being tagged out of this great game of life – and yet we mostly live our lives with a somewhat misguided belief that we are immortal.  That’s why we’re shocked when something bad happens.

Sure, there are some of us who are better at faking the control.  There are some who might say, “aw, Em, cute – but I have this all wrapped up!”

But I believe for the rest of us, despite our best efforts, we often find ourselves putting out more fires during the day than checking things off of our “to do” lists – and that’s ok.  My dad liked to quote a Beetle (or someone) who said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

So I loved the grittiness of Lamb.

And I loved that Jesus had a sense of humor in the story.  Yes, the book still portrayed him as innocent, but I loved that his best friend taught him sarcasm (which he used very moderately in the book).  The Bible is great at telling us a lot about Jesus – what he did, his virtues and character – but I kind of wonder about his sense of humor.  Was he playful?  Did he ever play pranks on the disciples?  I wonder if he ever short sheeted Peter’s bedroll or teepeed John’s tent.  Did Jesus spend time on the banks of the Jordan, hanging out with his friends and pondering some of the great mysteries, like: if Elijah and Moses were in a cage match – who would win?

Why does it matter if Jesus had a sense of humor?  I dunno.  I guess I just like the idea of knowing the person of Jesus – I like to imagine what it would be like if Jesus walked in the door and said hello.  Would he have a booming voice or a quiet disposition?  Would he shake my hand or give me a big hug?

I loved that Lamb painted a picture of Jesus that was so much richer than what I am able to glean from the Bible because so much of the Bible gets lost in cultural translation.  Perhaps there ARE elements of Jesus’ sense of humor embedded in the stories about Him – but humor in each culture is so subtle, it’s hard to pick up just by reading without studying the culture further.  And we all know that when you have to explain the joke, it really becomes less funny anway.  I am sure “That’s what she said” would be completely lost on ancient Jews.  And I can only imagine how future generations will interpret our jokes.

But I also felt convicted while reading Lamb.

Not because I was reading a story that was an irreverent and somewhat scandalous telling of Jesus’ life, but because as I read this story,  I was struck by Biff’s unbelief.  I don’t want to ruin the story in the case that you decide to read it, but generally speaking, I was surprised that this character Biff could literally WALK with Jesus for practically of his life and so miss the point on so many occasions.  It reminded me that I often miss the point.  It reminded me that I so frequently forget who Jesus is and get distracted by my own selfish desires.

I don’t know if the author intended for this result – I think the author wrote this book to provide a humorous explanation for what happened to Jesus between the ages of 6 and 32.  And perhaps the author knew enough Christians to know how many of us often spend all of this time learning about Jesus and God and MISSING THE POINT; there are so many of us who KNOW much, but BELIEVE little.

The disciples didn’t always understand what Jesus meant, but they believed in Him.  They were willing to stake it all on Him.  They believed He was who He said He was.

So yeah – I liked Lamb. It’s not for everyone, but it’s great satire.

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answered prayer

I love and appreciate when people say that they are thinking of us – it’s nice to know that people are remembering us and are hoping that it works out well for us.  Kind thoughts are always appreciated and are not taken lightly.

What really knocks our socks off is when people pray for us.  Prayer is such an active process of going to our Heavenly Father and bringing those people and circumstances that are on our hearts to Him.  If you want to know what you can do for us, pray. And scratch Frank’s back – he LOVES it.

Whenever I see an ambulance go by, I generally pray for the people in the ambulance.  Their day has just gone south if they are headed somewhere in an ambulance.  I imagine that these ambulances fly to the hospital, leaving a comet’s tail of prayer in their wake.

A few years ago, when my dad had a stroke, the ambulance made it to my parents’ house in less than 3 minutes.  Our neighbors didn’t know what was going on, but their family stood on their lawn and prayed for my dad.  It makes my soul happy to know that my dad’s ambulance also had a comet tail of prayer on his way to the hospital.  Along with the amazing emergency medical team and the doctors and nurses, I credit the people who stopped to pray for my dad with helping save his life.

During this whole fertility adventure, Frank and I have been so grateful for all of the prayers that have gone heavenward on our behalf.  That is stinkin’ awesome!

A few days ago I emailed one of my friends who is an amazing prayer warrior.  When she says that she is going to pray, it’s not lip service.   She goes to the mat praying.  Awe.some.

So I told her about our sitch and she said she’d pray.  A few days later she emailed me and said, “This might sound weird, but God told me that you should keep praying (and listening).  He is going to give you direction on your treatment and your children.”

What an encouragement!  I was energized by this because so often, it’s not always easy for me to hear from God so clearly (that’s a whole ‘nother topic for a whole ‘nother day).  The next morning I went for a run and I was praying and God said to me, “Be still and know that I am God.”

While that doesn’t sound like the answer that I was hoping for, it was what I needed.  It calmed my heart and soul.

So I went on my merry way.

Then I got an email from my doctor.  The second round of tests looked better than the first.  We are candidates for insemination.

My goodness.

So I love when people think of us.  It’s great and I don’t take that lightly.  Some people don’t believe in prayer and so thinking of us is the best thing they have in their arsenal.  And it means that we matter to them, which fosters community and love.  I’m cool with that.

But when people pray, man, that is awesome.  God hears our prayers and that is sweet.

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one more thing…

Please pray for baby Stellan. This little guy is having some major heart issues and he and his family could use the prayer.


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