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Well, I tried to get all this updated stuff together on Friday of last week, but no luck. Blogger freaked out and lost my stuff. So here we go.

Wednesday, June 4–Frank and I had the day off of work and were very productive considering that we were both not feeling very well. The night before we picked up our kitchen table (WE own furniture now!). Then Wednesday morning we shuffled off to Midway to drop off his resume. Then we went to the jewelers to look at wedding rings. That wasn’t as productive as we hoped, but oh well. After a quick Oberweis lunch, we headed to Naperville to begin our apartment search. The first place we looked at smelled soooo awful that I was worried that *I* smelled after we left. Thankfully I smelled no more than usual ๐Ÿ™‚ The second place was better than the first, but not necessarily inspiring. The third and final apartment was on a golf course by an excellent train station and I fell in love! That is where we are hoping to rent.

Thursday, June 5–I was feeling better and went to work. Not much exciting.

Friday, June 6–After work we all went to Tammy’s house where we had a fabulous time eating pizza and playing games. One of the best evenings I’ve had in a while!

Saturday, June 7–I went to Frank’s office to get some work done. Unfortunately a student crashed his plane and I couldn’t’ get anything done. I gave Dor a ring and we went to the mall and window shopped for a while. Good times! Then we had a birthday party to attend for one of Frank’s students. It’s funny that Frank’s students are turning 50 in some cases.

Sunday, June 8–We had a premarital seminar. Good times. Then we went to Corner Bakery for dinner and saw the movie Bruce Almighty.

I think that’s it!


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Shoppy Shoppy…

Well, last night I did a good job. I got 3 very cute shirts for the bargain price of $28. Rock. I also got to spend some quality time with my girl, Kimmie Wimmie.

Why Kim is SOOO Cool:

Kim is so cool because she shops with me. We pick through piles of clothes and offer eachother our professional advice on items. “That makes you look busty (This is a compliment, by the way)” and other good advice is offered through out the shopping adventure. She also makes me laugh. And she eats McDonald’s with me, even though we both know that I have to be able to fit into a wedding dress in, oh, 108 days.

Which brings me to:


Yes, folks, we here at the R-K Wedding Company have 108 days to go. That’s like 3.5 months. Tomorrow is a big day for us as we will be:

*Getting our wedding bands (as in rings, not musicians)

*Finding an apartment

*Visiting with our pastor

This weekend I will also be finalizing a few things on our wedding registries, selecting my veil and tiara (I am a princess, you know) and possibly purchasing some kick-butt dinnerware.

After that, June 13th will be engagement photo day. July 11th is tentatively scheduled as florist day, but I believe that will be moved.

T-108 days… YAY!

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Friday: Came home from work, changed into my Hawaiian attire and headed straight for Holy Family with Frank in tow. The reason? Andrea and Dave G’s wedding rehearsal. Loads of fun were had by all, especially when the tornado sirens started to scream. We later went to Famous Dave’s for some yummy BBQ.

Saturday: I got myself out of bed early and headed for Lombard to pick up Frank. I brought him some OJ and some donuts for the road. I like to make sure that everyone is well fed on road trips. ๐Ÿ™‚ We then headed for Roanoke, IL, birthplace of my father. I showed Frank the small town–no stop lights, even–and then surprised my Aunt Ruth Ann, Uncle Mark and my Aunt Renae with a little visit. We chatted for a bit and then had some lunch. After our visit, we hopped back into the car and cruised into Bloomington for Smess and Andy B’s wedding. (Frank’s friends)

The wedding was beautiful! It was in a small church, but it was so packed with meaning and love and happiness that I just about cried a few times. Smess was a BEAUTIFUL bride and you could tell that everyone was so happy for both of them. Smess made these AMAZING invitations, programs and booklets. I was very impressed. We asked her if we could steal some of her great ideas and she said we sure could!

After dinner at the reception, they had swing dance instructors! Frank and I are now world-class swing dancers… well, not really. But we’re on our way!

Sunday: We drove home Saturday night and I dragged my butt out of bed early Sunday so that I could get my hair done and put on make up for Andrea and Dave’s wedding. I had to be at the salon at 8 a.m. CRAZY! After that, we went to Andrea’s house at 11 and started pictures at noon. After pictures, we were whisked off to Holy Family for the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful and the day turned out to be much better than the rehearsal ๐Ÿ™‚

After the ceremony, we did more pictures. And after that, the party began! YAY!!! The best man and I toasted everything we could think of. And Frank and I made new friends–Matt and Jenna! They are getting married December 6th in Orlando. WOOHOO!! They are a very nice couple! Frank and Jenna sat together at the reception and set the bread basket on fire. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s it!

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