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Public Service Announcement

“Whiney Time” is a Public Service Announcement brought to you courtesy of Crazed Caffeine Deprieved Chicks, Inc and This Bad Body Day, LLC.

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Whiney Time.

First of all, I feel FAAAAAAT. Really, really fat. And ugly. urgh. This is what happens when your best fantasies involve chocolate… lots of chocolate. Swimming in chocolate. And in my perfect world, there wouldn’t be any hygeine issues relating to swimming in chocolate.

Secondly, my mom and I were talking on the phone. Then she put me on hold. Then she never came back. What kind of world is it when your MOTHER puts you on hold and never comes back??

I am itching to run a lap or something.

Have I mentioned that I’m getting old now too? OLD. I am decrepit, practically. Hmm. I wonder if the AA has any more brownies at her table?

NO! Emily, don’t think bad thoughts… Finish writing in your blogger and catch the train home. And go to the mall! That will stop you from eating… (courtesy of my inner conscience)

Oh! My mood is improving! Shoppy-shop time! I can’t wait!

Anyone want to go with me???

RA!!!!! YAY!! Spirit fingers!!!

I’ll let you all know how it turns out! CHEERS!

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Okay, I just remembered my dream from last night. I dreamt that I was smoking. I think that my job finally got to me.

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That is a happy, contented yawn.

Let’s see. I worked all day then caught the “early” train (my early is someone else’s normal train) and I went straight down to Lombard to see my schmoopie pants (Frank to everyone else). We had some dinner and watched the Twilight Zone. The shows were okay, not really very creepy. Then Frank and I went to Riley’s and he had a couple beers and I had about 4 sips of a diet coke. Which brings me to my next thought.

Riley’s consistently screws up the diet coke mix. It doesn’t even TASTE like diet coke. I need to remember not to order it when we go. Every time we go, I say, “Frank, this diet coke sucks.” Of course, every time I still order it. There is a long learning curve on this for me. Eventually I will associate Riley’s with bad diet coke and order a beer like a normal person. Except that I have a low tolerance. Which brings me to my next thought.

For drinking diet coke all day, I sure am tired. Good night!


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Groggy Day

Today is icky. My tummy is throwing temper tantrums, as is my hair. Obviously for different reasons. My back hurts. Blah blah blah.

I’ll write something more inspired later.

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Luv Affair

Shhh. We have to keep this on the downlow. Or the lowdown. No, definitely the downlow. I’ll give you the low-down but you must keep it on the down-low. There we go. I’m trendy.

Anyway, today I fell in luv. Hardcore. I pass my new luv on my way to and from work, yet I’ve never stopped. I’ve let my eyes wander, that’s for sure, but until today, I was never tempted to follow through. That’s right, today, I caved.

And I suppose that part of this has to do with the fact that I had no other option. No one else was there to step in and say, “Look, Emily, this is dangerous ground on which you tread! Once you deviate from your tried and true path–you will never go back.” No one put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Look at what you are about to throw away. All the good times you could have… Just stop. Think. Is it worth it?”

No, no. NO one stopped me. NO one cared. Actually, my coworkers were enablers in this hideous game of luv. They went with me to Cosi where I tasted one of the best salads ever to pass through my selective lips (oh, okay, you know I’ll eat anything) . There, I ordered the Chicken Cobb salad. And it was…. wow… amazing! So much food, I could hardly finish it. I tried, but I finally had to say, “Back off Emily, c’mon.”

This kind of ravenous luv only happens once in a blue moon. Never have I fallen so hard for a food item… well, since the Skinny Cow. But that’s an entirely different category all together.

Ahh… now if only I could nap after my luv affair….

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What a Weekend!

First of all, the gorgeous weather definitely has my spirits up! YAY!

Diet Coke Update

I think (hopefully) I have broken myself of my Diet Coke addiction. This morning at 8:25 a.m. I went to the Beverage Station and got WATER! Clearly I have been cleared of these demons.

Reality Check…

The Diet Coke thing is wishful thinking. I probably wasn’t in the mood because my tummy is angry at me (whatever–she’s a fickle one).

Weekend Highlights

Went to I-Life’s Entertainment Night. Frank and I did a skit.

—>I waited until the 11th hour to inform him of my thoughts on a portion of the skit that I felt should be rewritten.

—>Frank was less than pleased and said, “I am just going to start listing off my emotions in the order that I feel them…”

———————->You should know that it was said with strong feelings of frustration and mild anger–all restrained by the love he has for me (that I sometimes have to remind him of, especially at moments when I tick him off).

———————->The phrase, “Darned liberals,” was uttered in this exchange.

—>The skit went really well and the first two points were long forgotten.

Famous Dave’s

—>Don was ravenously hungry

———————->This means that he was obsessing about it from the time he picked up Brooke at home until we were seated and ordering food at Famous Dave’s. He took a brief intermission when he went to his car to get his wallet.

———————->I secretly identify with Don since all I do is think about food and diet coke all day.

—>BBQ sauce as a styling gel

———————->Based on my experience with BBQ sauce in my hair, I would have to say that it is not a good idea to use it as a styling gel.

———————————————>BBQ sauce tends to clump.

———————————————>Even when you separate out the clumps, it reclumps.

———————->A pro for BBQ sauce as a styling gel your hair would taste good. Yummy.

Well, I must be about the business of working now. I will update more later!



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